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Complete Pool Care

Complete Pool Care began in 2007 as a pool repair/service company that also provided regular cleaning services. In 2010, we started doing renovation jobs, relying on our commercial construction background. Then, we expanded to include general pool construction. And this is where our story really comes into focus…

When we were on repair and renovation calls, we noticed all of the errors, cut corners, faulty foundational work, hazards, and other issues that were giving homeowners problems. So instead of coming behind other builders and fixing their mistakes, we got a bright idea…

Let’s just build the pools ourselves — and do it the right way each and every time. We haven’t looked back since. 

These days, Complete Pool Care still offers exceptional cleaning and service, along with our repairs, renovations, and new construction. We deliver a pool that’s both beautiful and easy-to-maintain — blending a combination of great ambiance and user-friendly features like the highest electrical efficiency and cleaning systems where the pool nearly cleans itself.

Ready to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time working on it? Contact Complete Pool Care and tell us what your dream looks like.

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Ready to reshape and reimagine your backyard? Complete Pool Care is ready to help you plan your ideal swimming pool. From the initial sketches to the final plans, we’ll work with you every step of the way. After we dig into the first shovel of dirt, we won’t stop until we’ve delivered the exact vision you have in mind — a brochure-ready swimming pool that will turn your home into a custom-built oasis.

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Are we in your neighborhood? We build beautiful swimming pools throughout Mobile County and the Eastern Shore area.

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Complete Pool Care
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"They are the best! They are not here to just sell you something. They are here to help you in any type of way very knowledgeable as far as I'm concerned there is no other place to go for my pool supplies! They will go above and beyond.."

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